The Bomb EP

by Royal T & The Midas

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released November 5, 2015

Written and produced by Royal T and The Midas. Recorded and mixed by Zach The Midas, mastered by Ron Van Zelst. Album art by Ryan Advent



all rights reserved


Royal T & The Midas Columbus, Ohio

Royal T & The Midas: hip-hop duo. Bass-heavy grooves. Unforgettable melodies.

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Track Name: Dedication
Dedication by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Zach The Midas

This is a dedication to my impatient youth
when i used to be who i'd choose to see in my refusal to face the truth
thought i was making moves, thought i was breaking through
i couldn't keep it together, started to break in two
all the haters cheered, and they prayed i'd lose
hate preys on fear, fear preys on fools
love conquers all, and breaks all rules
if we're all in love, then where are you?
dedicate this to who paved the way for me to take to make it through
let me take this opportunity way overdue for thanking you
dedicate this to who stayed in the way and would say that i wouldn't make it through
if it wasn't for you, then i wouldn't be here
so, let me be clear, yeah, thank you too.


This is dedicated to who said i couldn't do it
this is dedicated to who helped me make it through it
friends and enemies and everybody i knew then
this is dedicated to you and you and you, and

This is dedicated to you (x2)
no matter what you may do
this is dedicated to you

Verse 2, Royal T

First of all i want to thank God for blessing me with you all
cause all of yall done help me out and i thank God that i knew yall
standing tall right next to me making sure i didnt move wrong
family and my good friends and i swear i hope i never lose yall
even to the ones that did me wrong that aint really do nothing but made me strong
let me see what the world will give and how the people is and the bullshit that they be on
and i thank the ones try to down me talk shit try to clown me try to hold my head under water
thinking that was going to drown me, no
thanks to those im bout to thank now the ones that raised and taught me how to stand ground
got your back when no ones around hold you up when you down
and that's my father and my mother my sisters and my brothers
yeah i'm writing this to yall cause i love yall like no other

Track Name: Bounce
Bounce by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Royal T

Yeah i like the way you do your thang
you the type when i look away i gotta look again
and im just wanting you (im just wanting you, im just wanting you, im just wanting you)
im just wanting you and you wanting it too
so come on baby let me see what you do
So go ahead and just grab a hold
are you scared cause if you are you know i gotta let you go
and i just want to know (i just want to know, i just want to know, i just want to know)
i just want to know if you know what to do and if you don't then do what you know
So go ahead and just try your best
really it don't matter if you fail or pass the test
cause i just want to see (i just want to see, i just want to see, i just want to see)
I just want to see if you got what it takes
and if you do then you coming with me


Wanna see you girls (Bounce)
Turn around and just (Bounce)
Up and down it (Bounce)
All around it (Bounce)
Bounce, bounce, bounce all of that (x4)

Verse 2, The Midas

He been sitting here drinking in the view
think he got a thing for that thing that you do
not thinking it through when he's thinking of you
he thinks that he's cool then he blinks and he's blue
bring another drink in, better make it two
if he do too much thinking he'll never make a move
but he wanna watch her bounce, and shake it in the nude
he wants it to bad he can taste it in his food
wanna take her to a place she's never been
some kinda island vacationing
man he wanna spend, everything he's got
tell her if you want it then consider it bought
but he ain't got money all like that
though he'd spend every cent on an ass so fat
she got him by the neck like a lassoed calf
and she don't even know it so i have to laugh
cause she been sitting here drinking in the sights
and she got a eye for a guy that just might
ask her for a dance try to buy her a drink
but her careful eye passed him by in a wink
told me "if she was my girl i would buy her anything
if she was cold in winter, i would fly her to spring
gigantic ring", i said man, slow your roll
you're talking bout a girl you don't know on a pole

Track Name: The Bomb (Good Thing)
The Bomb (Good Thing) by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Zach The Midas

She got that ticking bomb, shit, it's like i tripped an alarm
corn fed hips like she was just shipped from the farm
where she was sitting in some barn doing sit-ups and squats
looks like she's been riding horses from the form that she's got
she got that perfectly-spaced curvature, perfectly placed
they thirst for a taste when she gets to working her waist
they worship her face as if she was encircled in grace
but she's a ticking time-bomb wrapped in purple and lace
boom, that's the sound
man down, man down
she got the kids, the cars, and the damn house
she got the bomb, bro, you're fucking with fire
she'll have you sweating, scared to death
like: "which color's the wire?"


She say she got that good thing
she say she got the bomb
i'm looking for that good thing
so come and break me off

Verse 2, Royal T

She claiming she got the good so yeah i want to test her
See what she got see if she can handle the pressure
I'm a hit it like I'm releasing anger upon a stranger
Going buck wild baby girl you in danger
Taking my fingers moving that string to the side
She looks dead in my eyes and ask me if she can ride
I said here's the pony if you want him you can get up on him
And you can ride him from now until the early morning
She said i got the bomb do you think you can last
I said I dont know but I'm ready to take on that task
And talking all that trash i didn't last long
Got damn she got the bomb


She got the bomb (x2)
Ooh, she got the bomb, damn she got some bomb (x2)

Track Name: Nothin To Me
Nothin To Me by Royal T and The Midas


You ain't gotta leave baby girl, you can chill just a little with me
but this is how it's gonna be
if you wanna leave and believe that you'll be better off without me
then that's just how it's gonna be
it ain't nothing, it ain't nothing it ain't nothing to me (x3)
it ain't nothing to me, it ain't nothing

Verse 1, Royal T

Oh how i adore ya but still i will ignore ya
Please just don't come around me when that attitude is spoiled
And aint no need to boil when we just want to simmer
Let the evening begin dim them lights I'm serving dinner
Yeah I think I got a winner I'm a serve it in a minute
But first I have to know if your not or if your with it
If you are then we can start and hope this night will never finish
But if your not then thats ok to me it makes no difference
I'm just trying to make sure what i serve dont go to waste
Cause once you start you gotta finish the plate
And i believe you will enjoy what i got for you to taste
So just get ready to scrape the whole plate
Yes your fingers will get dirty and your face will be a mess
But i guarantee you'll love it and you'll come back for the rest
So get ready to get served cause im a certified chef
If you with it come and get it I'm finish wasting my breath


Verse 2, Zach The Midas

It ain't nothing to me baby you could come or could leave
but don't act like you've got something coming up from under your sleeve
i ain't as dumb as i seem, I'm seeing something unique
but i don't think I'm staring at the only one in the sea
your luscious and free demeanor got me stuck and I'm weak
voluptuous girl, perfect fucking physique
damn, she got something to see
everybody want a piece but it ain't nothing to eat
because a piece of devil's pie tastes like heaven for a time
but let it digest a while, bet it change your mind
bet it make you sanctified, let her bring you to your knees
let her break you down, having you begging please
but beggars can't be choosers brother, better let her breathe
if you never wanna lose her, then you better let her leave
i said, beggars can't be choosers so you better let her breathe
and if you never wanna lose her then you better tell her


Verse 3, Royal T

You ain't gotta leave, you can chill for a moment
i want you next to me, you can stay if you want
we can settle down, have some fun, if you really want to
(only if you really want to)
so tell me what you wanna do, cause its all on you

Track Name: Sick and Tired
Sick and Tired by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Zach The Midas

She say she tired of working this nine to five
trying to work that five to nine
trying to work that 36-24-36 body, with her fine behind
i'm trying to work that wine and dine-angle
til the moment of the final grind
trying to make your spinal line
tingle all the way up inside your mind
say you're tired of lies, and tired of lines
say you're tired of trying, and tired of life
(well baby, ain't that some shit?)
ain't that some shit?
cause i was just sitting here
thinking how i'm sick of listening
to women who consistently just like to whine
i'm tired of all this hate that i see
tired of y'all who wanna aim it at me
wishing i would fall off and fade from the scene
but i stay on the grind and i'm chasing my dream
and i'll crush anything that you place in between
me and where i wanna be facing defeat
ain't an option baby never make a retreat
feed off the hate cause the taste of it's sweet
so basically, you're making me
the recipe for the cake i eat
(now baby can't we just eat?)
can't we just eat?
you set the table and i take a seat


I'm tired of all these haters, tired of all these hoes
always after my paper, chasing after my dough
I'm sick and tired, tired of all these hoes
tired of all these haters acting like they will but they won't

Verse 2, Royal T

Mad at me for what cause im handling my biz?
I aint fooling with no dummies that can't handle hers or his
Is it cause I'm trying to live and yall aint really doing shit
Or is it cause I'm moving along and yall just stuck off in that ditch
Instead of digging your way out yall just sit around and watch
Some even try to plot on you and try to take what you got
So tell me what is all that for mad cause you can't get yours
Bullets holes is gauranteed if you try knocking down my doors (I dare ya)
But i aint got time for that and hoes i aint got time for yall
I aint bout to work my ass off for you to come around and try to take it all
Not at all and na i dont mean no harm but babygirl you got to get along
Get from here cause you aint getting shit my dear
Kind of rude but shit if i care
Just to make it clear so you can understand what it really is
I aint the one I aint the one thats dumb
The one thats gonna give away his
So go ahead and try to find somebody else and try to take all his shit
Cause I aint bout to be the one thats tricking on somebody that aint shit