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Dedication by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Zach The Midas

This is a dedication to my impatient youth
when i used to be who i'd choose to see in my refusal to face the truth
thought i was making moves, thought i was breaking through
i couldn't keep it together, started to break in two
all the haters cheered, and they prayed i'd lose
hate preys on fear, fear preys on fools
love conquers all, and breaks all rules
if we're all in love, then where are you?
dedicate this to who paved the way for me to take to make it through
let me take this opportunity way overdue for thanking you
dedicate this to who stayed in the way and would say that i wouldn't make it through
if it wasn't for you, then i wouldn't be here
so, let me be clear, yeah, thank you too.


This is dedicated to who said i couldn't do it
this is dedicated to who helped me make it through it
friends and enemies and everybody i knew then
this is dedicated to you and you and you, and

This is dedicated to you (x2)
no matter what you may do
this is dedicated to you

Verse 2, Royal T

First of all i want to thank God for blessing me with you all
cause all of yall done help me out and i thank God that i knew yall
standing tall right next to me making sure i didnt move wrong
family and my good friends and i swear i hope i never lose yall
even to the ones that did me wrong that aint really do nothing but made me strong
let me see what the world will give and how the people is and the bullshit that they be on
and i thank the ones try to down me talk shit try to clown me try to hold my head under water
thinking that was going to drown me, no
thanks to those im bout to thank now the ones that raised and taught me how to stand ground
got your back when no ones around hold you up when you down
and that's my father and my mother my sisters and my brothers
yeah i'm writing this to yall cause i love yall like no other



from The Bomb EP, released November 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Royal T & The Midas Columbus, Ohio

Royal T & The Midas: hip-hop duo. Bass-heavy grooves. Unforgettable melodies.

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