Nothin To Me

from by Royal T & The Midas



Nothin To Me by Royal T and The Midas


You ain't gotta leave baby girl, you can chill just a little with me
but this is how it's gonna be
if you wanna leave and believe that you'll be better off without me
then that's just how it's gonna be
it ain't nothing, it ain't nothing it ain't nothing to me (x3)
it ain't nothing to me, it ain't nothing

Verse 1, Royal T

Oh how i adore ya but still i will ignore ya
Please just don't come around me when that attitude is spoiled
And aint no need to boil when we just want to simmer
Let the evening begin dim them lights I'm serving dinner
Yeah I think I got a winner I'm a serve it in a minute
But first I have to know if your not or if your with it
If you are then we can start and hope this night will never finish
But if your not then thats ok to me it makes no difference
I'm just trying to make sure what i serve dont go to waste
Cause once you start you gotta finish the plate
And i believe you will enjoy what i got for you to taste
So just get ready to scrape the whole plate
Yes your fingers will get dirty and your face will be a mess
But i guarantee you'll love it and you'll come back for the rest
So get ready to get served cause im a certified chef
If you with it come and get it I'm finish wasting my breath


Verse 2, Zach The Midas

It ain't nothing to me baby you could come or could leave
but don't act like you've got something coming up from under your sleeve
i ain't as dumb as i seem, I'm seeing something unique
but i don't think I'm staring at the only one in the sea
your luscious and free demeanor got me stuck and I'm weak
voluptuous girl, perfect fucking physique
damn, she got something to see
everybody want a piece but it ain't nothing to eat
because a piece of devil's pie tastes like heaven for a time
but let it digest a while, bet it change your mind
bet it make you sanctified, let her bring you to your knees
let her break you down, having you begging please
but beggars can't be choosers brother, better let her breathe
if you never wanna lose her, then you better let her leave
i said, beggars can't be choosers so you better let her breathe
and if you never wanna lose her then you better tell her


Verse 3, Royal T

You ain't gotta leave, you can chill for a moment
i want you next to me, you can stay if you want
we can settle down, have some fun, if you really want to
(only if you really want to)
so tell me what you wanna do, cause its all on you



from The Bomb EP, released November 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Royal T & The Midas Columbus, Ohio

Royal T & The Midas: hip-hop duo. Bass-heavy grooves. Unforgettable melodies.

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