Sick and Tired

from by Royal T & The Midas



Sick and Tired by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Zach The Midas

She say she tired of working this nine to five
trying to work that five to nine
trying to work that 36-24-36 body, with her fine behind
i'm trying to work that wine and dine-angle
til the moment of the final grind
trying to make your spinal line
tingle all the way up inside your mind
say you're tired of lies, and tired of lines
say you're tired of trying, and tired of life
(well baby, ain't that some shit?)
ain't that some shit?
cause i was just sitting here
thinking how i'm sick of listening
to women who consistently just like to whine
i'm tired of all this hate that i see
tired of y'all who wanna aim it at me
wishing i would fall off and fade from the scene
but i stay on the grind and i'm chasing my dream
and i'll crush anything that you place in between
me and where i wanna be facing defeat
ain't an option baby never make a retreat
feed off the hate cause the taste of it's sweet
so basically, you're making me
the recipe for the cake i eat
(now baby can't we just eat?)
can't we just eat?
you set the table and i take a seat


I'm tired of all these haters, tired of all these hoes
always after my paper, chasing after my dough
I'm sick and tired, tired of all these hoes
tired of all these haters acting like they will but they won't

Verse 2, Royal T

Mad at me for what cause im handling my biz?
I aint fooling with no dummies that can't handle hers or his
Is it cause I'm trying to live and yall aint really doing shit
Or is it cause I'm moving along and yall just stuck off in that ditch
Instead of digging your way out yall just sit around and watch
Some even try to plot on you and try to take what you got
So tell me what is all that for mad cause you can't get yours
Bullets holes is gauranteed if you try knocking down my doors (I dare ya)
But i aint got time for that and hoes i aint got time for yall
I aint bout to work my ass off for you to come around and try to take it all
Not at all and na i dont mean no harm but babygirl you got to get along
Get from here cause you aint getting shit my dear
Kind of rude but shit if i care
Just to make it clear so you can understand what it really is
I aint the one I aint the one thats dumb
The one thats gonna give away his
So go ahead and try to find somebody else and try to take all his shit
Cause I aint bout to be the one thats tricking on somebody that aint shit



from The Bomb EP, released November 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Royal T & The Midas Columbus, Ohio

Royal T & The Midas: hip-hop duo. Bass-heavy grooves. Unforgettable melodies.

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