The Bomb (Good Thing)

from by Royal T & The Midas



The Bomb (Good Thing) by Royal T and The Midas

Verse 1, Zach The Midas

She got that ticking bomb, shit, it's like i tripped an alarm
corn fed hips like she was just shipped from the farm
where she was sitting in some barn doing sit-ups and squats
looks like she's been riding horses from the form that she's got
she got that perfectly-spaced curvature, perfectly placed
they thirst for a taste when she gets to working her waist
they worship her face as if she was encircled in grace
but she's a ticking time-bomb wrapped in purple and lace
boom, that's the sound
man down, man down
she got the kids, the cars, and the damn house
she got the bomb, bro, you're fucking with fire
she'll have you sweating, scared to death
like: "which color's the wire?"


She say she got that good thing
she say she got the bomb
i'm looking for that good thing
so come and break me off

Verse 2, Royal T

She claiming she got the good so yeah i want to test her
See what she got see if she can handle the pressure
I'm a hit it like I'm releasing anger upon a stranger
Going buck wild baby girl you in danger
Taking my fingers moving that string to the side
She looks dead in my eyes and ask me if she can ride
I said here's the pony if you want him you can get up on him
And you can ride him from now until the early morning
She said i got the bomb do you think you can last
I said I dont know but I'm ready to take on that task
And talking all that trash i didn't last long
Got damn she got the bomb


She got the bomb (x2)
Ooh, she got the bomb, damn she got some bomb (x2)



from The Bomb EP, released November 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Royal T & The Midas Columbus, Ohio

Royal T & The Midas: hip-hop duo. Bass-heavy grooves. Unforgettable melodies.

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